Two types of operation take place at sea within the offshore industry: oil and natural gas, and wind power. In the first, oil and natural gas are drilled for far below sea level, using either floating platforms or ones that are anchored to the sea floor. In the second, electricity is produced using turbines which are turned by the wind. The working environment in the offshore industry is very tough and demanding, and so reliable, hard-wearing materials that last for a long time and ensure the safety of personnel are required.

We offer a large number of polymers that are suited to the offshore industry. Our materials perform well in applications which require oil resistance, weather resistance, and good mechanical properties such as strength and impact resistance, for example.

Our wide range of versatile polymers provides a great number of options and excellent opportunities for variation. If you are unable to find a material that suits your specific needs, we are happy to recommend a material based on your specifications. If you have any questions or would like to discuss which material is best suited to your specific needs, please contact us via our Tech Center.

Below, we have listed the materials that are best suited for the offshore industry:


ULTEM™ Resin
VALOX™ Resin