Grilon is the common trade name for the PA6, PA66, and PA66/6 material families manufactured by EMS-GRIVORY. Grilon variants differ depending on the base polymer used and its composition in terms of reinforcing fillers or additives, for example.

Typical properties of Grilon polyamides are high strength and stiffness, good wear and friction properties, high resistance to chemicals, and good electrical properties.

Common production methods in the plastics industry, such as injection-molding, extrusion, and blow molding, are very well suited to Grilon.

Due to their properties, Grilon polyamides have many different application areas, for example in the automotive industry.

Grilon A            Polyamide 66

Grilon A      PA66

Grilon B     PA6

Grilon TS     PA66 + PA6 alloy

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