ULTEM™ Resin

ULTEM™ Resin

ULTEM Resins is a material family of thermoplastic polyetherimides (PEI).

ULTEM Resins are characterized by properties such as very good thermostability, good dimensional stability, and high strength and rigidity – even at elevated temperatures – owing to their high glass transition temperature (Tg) of 217°C. The materials also have very good chemical resistance. As compared to most other amorphous thermoplastics, ULTEM Resins possess better resistance to stress cracking in response to exposure to e.g. commonly used liquids in the automotive industry, alcohols, and acids. As a result of their chemical composition, the materials are inherently flame retardant without the need for flame retardant additives, and have a limiting oxygen index (LOI) value of 47%.

Both unfilled variants and ones reinforced with fiberglass and mineral fillers are available.

ULTEM Resins are easy to process using conventional machine equipment for both extrusion and injection molding. The materials are available in both chromatic, opaque, and transparent variants and a wide range of colors, and can be processed through both injection and extrusion-blow molding.

At of the end of 2021, the ULTEM materials portfolio was supplemented with ISCC+-certified materials. These materials are partly based on renewable raw materials such as tall oil and offer a more sustainable alternative to the existing product range on the market.

ULTEM Resins have been approved for use in a wide variety of especially demanding applications in relation to medical technology and the aviation industry, and is also approved for contact with drinking water.

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