Grivory G is a material family that is based on semi-crystalline polyamides with semi-aromatic content. It is a high-performance polymer that has been the leader in the field of metal replacement for some time now. Grivory G is delivered in granular form, and can be processed using conventional machine equipment for injection-molding and extrusion.

Grivory G is used to produce technical components on which very high requirements are placed, which are fulfilled through the characteristic properties of Grivory G:

  • High stiffness and strength
  • Good resistance to chemicals and oil
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Good dimensional stability and very little warpage
  • Good processability that results in cost-effective production
  • Aesthetic, visually appealing surfaces

Grivory G is available in a great number of variants; various modifications can be undertaken to achieve specific material properties. These include different types of filler in varying amounts, and additives for increased impact resistance or processability.

The available variants of Grivory G are:

Grivory GV                    Reinforced with 20–60% glass fibers

Grivory GVX                  Reinforced with special glass fibers for highest possible stiffness and low warpage

Grivory GM                   Reinforced with mineral filler for low warpage

Grivory GVN                 Reinforced with glass fibers, impact-resistance modification

Grivory GC                    Reinforced with carbon fiber, very high stiffness

Grivory GVS                  Reinforced with glass fibers, very good flowability

Grivory GV FWA            Reinforced with glass fibers, approved for contact with foodstuffs and drinking water

Grivory G is used in applications and industries in which excellent mechanical properties are a requirement. Examples include the automotive and furniture industries, the mechanical industry, and sports and leisure.

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