Grilamid FWA is a group of materials that belongs to the PA12 material family, the primary properties of which are low moisture absorption, high dimensional stability, and excellent resistance to UV and chemicals. The materials are also characterized by high hydrolytic resistance, very good impact resistance, and high elongation in comparison to other technical materials with similar stiffness. The favorable properties of Grilamid FWA in relation to processing in terms of proportionately low melting and forming temperatures enable relatively favorable processing windows.

Grilamid L PA12 can be processed through injection-molding, pipe or film extrusion, or blow molding. By adding fillers, pigments, plasticizers, and processing aids, Grilamid L can be adapted to various types of application.

The most common application areas for Grilamid L PA12 include feeder cables, media connectors, and compressed air systems in the automotive industry. It is also used for cables, cable protection, and housings and components for electrical devices and household appliances as well as in the industrial sector and for sports and leisure products.

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