PC/ABS is an amorphous polymer blend of polycarbonate (PC) and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS).
Blending materials allows you to make use of the best possible combinations of different properties in order to increase the finished product’s suitability for specific applications. The blend of PC and ABS combines the properties of both PC and ABS in one material. PC has e.g. high impact resistance, very good mechanical properties, and high heat resistance, while ABS contributes with good fluidity and excellent processing properties.
It is also less complicated and more environmentally friendly to flame-proof PC/ABS than pure ABS.
PC/ABS is possible to process using various methods, such as injection molding and extrusion. It is also possible to apply surface treatments through coating and metallizing. The material is often used for applications in e.g. electronics and the automotive industry.
Primary properties:

  • High rigidity
  • Good surface finish
  • Very good fluidity
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Good tensile strength and bending behavior
  • Good UV resistance as compared to ABS
  • Good thermostability as compared to ABS
  • Easier to process through injection molding than PC
  • Good processing properties as compared to PC
  • Glass-transition temperature of 130°C