Tenac is a semi-crystalline material that belongs to the acetal plastics material family (also known as polyoxymethylene, POM) and consists of several acetal groups. POM is available in both homo- and copolymer form, and Asahi is the world’s only manufacturer of both types. The two are fairly similar in terms of properties, and only differ in a few areas. The homopolymer has slightly better mechanical properties, while the copolymer has better hot-water resistance.

Tenac has good strength and toughness, low friction properties, and excellent wear resistance. The polymer is very resistant to oils and solvents, and retains its high performance across a wide temperature range, including at low temperatures.

Tenac is suitable for applications such as mechanical components for use in electronics and industrial applications. It is particularly commonly used in the automotive industry in gearwheels, speaker grilles, electrically operated windows, and locking mechanisms. Usage in applications with snap functions is also very common due to the material’s optimal properties for this application.

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