Asahi Kasei

Asahi Kasei

Asahi Kasei is a Japanese multinational corporation that produces chemicals and medical technological products. With nearly 100 years of experience of production, development, and sales, Asahi Kasei is a world-leading corporation that produces materials for several types of industry the world over.

Asahi Kasei is the only corporation in the world to produce homopolymers, copolymers, and block copolymers, and thus possesses the ability to develop and produce specialized, high-quality products with unique properties.

The Asahi Kasei Group works to provide you as a customer with the perfect product for your specific needs. It always strives to adapt to the societal changes that occur, and meet the various needs that these create for the consumer.

The corporation works towards a sustainable society, and in doing so prioritizes the environment and energy. Asahi Kasei has developed its own quality-assurance system in order to guarantee that it can provide its customers with safe and reliable products and services. The corporation also supports the international proposition on human rights.

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