LNP™ FARADEX™ compound

LNP™ FARADEX™ compound

LNP FARADEX Compounds are thermoplastic materials that incorporate stainless steel fibers. Electrically conductive fibers in the polymer matrix give the material shielding properties that are needed for applications involving EMI/RFI (electromagnetic interference/radio frequency interference). These properties also mean that the materials can be used for applications involving ESD (electrostatic discharge).

The material’s shielding properties block waves of 40–60 dB and above and 30–1000 MHz. Using LNP FARADEX is very cost-effective as it eliminates the need for secondary operations such as metal coating. It also provides increased freedom in the design process, allowing various additional functions to be integrated.

LNP FARADEX materials have mechanical properties that are similar to commonly used unfilled thermoplastics. In addition, they are available in halogen-free variants with flame retardant properties.

LNP FARADEX is suitable for processing through e.g. injection molding.

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