We are strengthening our team in Sweden.

27 oktober Maria Paulsson medarbetarpresentation

We are delighted to announce the expansion of our sales team in Sweden with the addition of a new member. Maria Paulsson officially became a part of our Swedish team on August 14th. Maria’s extensive experience in the plastics and rubber industry makes her a valuable asset to our team.

In her previous positions, Maria has thrived as the Managing Director (CEO) at MuoviTech AB and as the Plant Manager at Pemtec AB, a subsidiary of the Debe Flow Group. Her profound industry expertise is further exemplified by her background in strategic procurement at Nexans, where she played a crucial role in managing the supply chain for polymer-related materials. Throughout her career, Maria has consistently been deeply involved in the production, sale, and development of polymer, plastic, and rubber-based products.

We wish Maria Paulsson a warm welcome to us.

To get to know Maria a little better, we let her answers a few questions.


1. What are you looking forward to working with at Erteco?

I am looking forward to working closely with our clients and providing them with support to help their businesses thrive. Erteco’s strong technical knowledge and its open-minded, agile organizational structure make it the perfect partner for this journey.


2. What will your main duties be at Erteco?

My role at Erteco primarily entails sales, with a specific focus on one of the most important industrial segments in Sweden, KAM Automotive. The automotive industry is at the forefront of our transition to a more sustainable way of life and is spearheading innovative developments, where polymers will be a substantial component of the solutions.


3. You have previous experience working with sales and business development, what do you think these experiences could mean for Erteco?

With a background that spans both established and entrepreneurial companies, I’ve gained valuable insights into the distinct challenges each of these sectors faces. I believe that my diverse experiences can be a considerable asset to both Erteco and our clients. In the years ahead, we are entering an era of heightened focus on climate-neutral and sustainable solutions, demanding fresh thinking and innovation. By combining my prior business development experience with the resources available at the Erteco Tech Center and the collective support of our exceptional team, we aspire to facilitate our customers’ daily operations and contribute to the development of solutions in line with the changing industry landscape.


4. You have worked at Erteco since august 2023, what is your first impression of the workplace and your colleagues?

I’ve been truly impressed by the knowledge and experience present within the company, as well as the remarkable motivation and ambition displayed by my colleagues.

My colleagues are not only highly motivated and ambitious but also exceptionally supportive and willing to assist whenever necessary. There’s a strong dedication to our customers and their unique needs, and a clear commitment to a long-term, sustainable vision for our business.


5. When you´re not working, what do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I eagerly anticipate dusting off my skis from the attic for a day of skiing in the nearby marsh area on a crisp, sunny winter day. Skiing downhill at our local slope area is also a favorite pastime. I relish our countryside lifestyle, spending quality time with family and friends. During the long, dark evenings, you’ll often find me in my own small toolshop, where there’s always a creative project in progress. When the brighter days return, I tend to the garden and greenhouse, nurturing the greenery.


We hope that Maria will enjoy staying with us at Erteco.

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