TPV with 25% PIR

Skärmavbild 2022-09-02 kl. 11.00.49

Teknor Apex our supplier of thermoplastic elastomer recently launched a new Sarlink® TPV grade. It is called Sarlink® R2 3180B and is a more circular and sustainable solution that contains 25 percent recycled material.

The use of PIR instead of PCR (consumer plastic waste) results in a cleaner material and provides processing properties similar to virgin material.

The new TPV grade Sarlink® R2 3180B is a black material with a nominal hardness of 84 Shore A. The material is suitable for applications that require high elasticity and durability such as seals, hoses and gaskets.

Furthermore, Teknor Apex announces that they are continuing the development of more TPV qualities with a more sustainable content.

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