Acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate (ASA) is an amorphous thermoplastic. It has a very high surface hardness and thus good scratch resistance. Its glass-transition temperature is roughly 100°C.


The mechanical properties of ASA are similar to those of ABS. The major difference is that ASA has excellent UV resistance and significantly lower impact resistance, especially at relatively low temperatures.


ASA is highly suitable for use in outdoor applications. It is used widely by the automotive industry and in construction materials and outdoor furniture. ASA can be processed using extrusion or injection molding with excellent results, and also performs well when combined with other plastics. Combining it with polycarbonate (PC), for example, increases the impact resistance of the final product.

Primary properties:

  • Glass-transition temperature of 100°C
  • Good chemical resistance (excluding solvents)
  • High surface hardness and surface finish
  • Very easy to color
  • Excellent UV resistance