Struktol is a plasticizer/processing aid that reduces energy consumption during the production of rubber compounds. Struktol regulates the processing properties of the rubber compound to desired levels, and is an efficient additive that provides the rubber compound with excellent processing properties over time.

Schill+Seilacher offer a complete range of Struktol variants. There are several different versions of these additives, which are produced with different application areas in mind.

Struktol additives facilitate the handling of rubber compounds in different ways, during all steps of a manufacturing process.

Struktol works well with both natural and synthetic rubbers, as well as a wide variety of different types.


Examples of additives that are available in our range are:


  • lubricants
  • dispersants
  • homogenizing agents
  • plasticizers
  • tackifiers
  • peptizers

The Struktol range facilitates viscosity regulation, improved mold release, and mixing optimization as the additive disperses well in a wide variety of rubber compounds.

Struktol is such a cost-efficient solution because its usage reduces energy production and facilitates more rapid production.





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