CALSEC is a tailored formula for specialty chemicals that is used in, among other things, rubber compounds. The product is available in two variants: CALSEC FE (calcium hydroxide) and CALSEC UF (calcium oxide).

In rubber compounds, CALSEC is used mainly as a moisture absorbent (CALSEC UF) and a hot activator (CALSEC FE) in bisphenol-vulcanized FKM compounds, for example.

CALSEC FE is a special type of micronized calcium hydroxide [Ca(OH)2] that is used in the crosslinking of fluoroelastomers. The raw material is regulated by the FDA’s CFR, Title 21 part 184.1 (b) (1) and is generally recognized as safe (GRAS). It is thus approved for use in fluoroelastomer compounds intended for contact with foodstuffs.

CALSEC products are available in several different forms – gel, powder, and pellets, for example – each of which have different melting points. It is recommended that the raw material is added at the end of the mixing cycle.

The raw material can be used to manufacture e.g. mold release agents, processing aids, lubricants, and dispersants. It is used in several different industries, most commonly the automotive and pharmaceutical sectors.


Material family

Activators / stabilizers
Moisture absorbents


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