Sinof PPS

Sinof PPS

Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic. PPS is characterized by its good thermostability, creep resistance, and excellent resistance to chemicals, including both organic and inorganic solutions.

The use of PPS in its natural form is limited due to its less-than-optimal mechanical properties. Thus, fiberglass is often added to improve the material.

PPS is used in a wide range of areas, including mechanical engineering contexts, HVAC applications and the automotive and pharmaceutical industries. Examples of products made from this material are gears, valves, pipes, pumps, and fuel and brake systems. This polymer can also, due to its good heat and chemical resistance, be used for different kinds of applications in the electronics industry. PPS is thus often used to manufacture insulators, conductor rails and connectors.

Primary properties:

● Exceptionally high rigidity and hardness at temperatures up to 80°C
● Good creep resistance
● Good heat resistance
● Excellent resistance to chemicals, including solvents and acids
● Naturally flame retardant
● Good dimensional stability
● Flows better than most materials with high heat resistance
● Good electrical insulation
● Glass-transition temperature of 85–90°C
● Melting point of 280–290°C

Some less optimal properties:

● Low resistance to oxidizing acids (e.g. nitric acid)
● Limited impact resistance
● Limited possibilities for coloring

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