EXTEM™ Resin

EXTEM™ Resin

EXTEM Resin is an amorphous thermoplastic polyimide (TPI).

The material is characterized by properties such as high tensile strength, rigidity, and excellent creep resistance at temperatures of up to 230°C. EXTEM Resin has high resistance to chemicals and e.g. chlorinated solvents. Furthermore, the material has very good thermostability, with a glass transition temperature (Tg) of 311°C.

EXTEM Resin is a versatile material that offers great flexibility and freedom with regard to the design of a wide variety of products. The material is available in both transparent and opaque variants in a wide range of colors, and with fiberglass reinforcement.

EXTEM Resin is flame retardant without the need for flame retardant additives, and has a limiting oxygen index (LOI) value of 45%.

The material can be processed using the most common methods, such as injection and extrusion-blow molding, with equipment that allows high processing temperatures.

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