CABELEC is the name of a range of plastic materials that conduct electricity. They are compounds of the highest quality that enable the use of plastics in applications that require electrical conductivity. CABELEC is available both as a finished compound and in a concentrated form that can be mixed with suitable materials to achieve the desired conductivity.

CABELEC is used in the manufacture of products with electrostatic discharge (ESD) requirements in order to reduce the risk of injury and interference caused by static electricity. Common application areas include fuel systems, the protection of sensitive electronic products, and environments in which there is a risk of explosion.

CABELEC consists of a polymer matrix into which conductive carbon black is mixed. The carbon atoms form a coherent network that allows the material to conduct electricity. When the material is formed using an injection-molding or extrusion process, it is important that it is not sheared too much in order to preserve the material’s conductive properties in the final product.

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