Information regarding COVID-19

Blå bakgrund med logga

Dear customer,

The situation in the context of the COVID-19 is very uncertain and changes from day to day. Many European countries set up restrictions like closed borders and quarantines that effects the normal delivery schedules. What we know is that all our suppliers are up and running but sometimes with reduced work force. These factors together will impact lead times for some materials. In this situation, your forecasts are highly appreciated and useful for our demand planning.

All Erteco employees are following governmental directives and are now working remotely but at full capacity. The same goes for our warehouse. We are working in close contact with our suppliers to keep updated on their current situation to be able to keep our customers informed about delays or shortages. Do not hesitate to call your Erteco sales representative or customer support if there are any questions.

Best regards,

Carl-Otto Ohlsson
Managing Director


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