What is Sabic’s BLUEHERO™ initiative?


BLUEHERO™ initiative is an expanding ecosystem of solutions, materials, and expertise with a goal to help accelerate the transition to electric power. With the automotive sector as its starting point, BLUEHERO™ initiative is about creating more efficient electric vehicles by working on a material level in optimizing battery components. One of its core elements is offering expertise and capabilities in replacing the traditional metal materials used in internal combustion engine vehicles, to plastic. By utilizing the full capacity of plastics, valuable advantages are created for both battery manufacturers, suppliers, automakers, consumers and the environment.

Plastic is a very versatile material since it offers a lot of flexibility in design, it’s lighter, which makes shipping easier, and it has less environmental impact. Additionally, it has enhanced thermal management attributes which is important in the progress of electric power’s journey.

With extensive knowledge in fire-polymer interaction, manufacturing, and assembly know-how, having a broad experience in thermoplastics design, Sabic with the BLUEHERO™ initiative will be active in the entirety of the value chain with battery suppliers, OEMs, engineering companies and more, to create strong and sustainable solutions for the electric vehicles sector.

It’s important to note that BLUEHERO™ helps towards fire safety as it incorporates unique flame-retardant polymers. By performing tests within Sabic’s extended partners network but also in-house, we get to expand our expertise and understanding for safer, better performing, cost-effective solutions.

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