The German family business WEBER & SCHAER offers a large range of raw materials for the rubber, plastics, and adhesives industries. They are one of Europe’s leading importers of natural rubber and natural rubber latex.

The company’s raw materials are of the very highest quality, and WEBER & SCHAER only collaborates with experienced manufacturers of rubber, rubber chemicals, fillers, raw materials for adhesives, and other types of additives for use in the plastics industry.

Having been in the industry for more than 175 years, WEBER & SCHAER has a great deal of experience and extensive competency. The company places great importance on customer support and technical service, which can involve assisting in the selection of raw materials and development of formulae.

The company is quality-certified according to EN ISO 9001:2015.

Today, sustainability and transparency, traceable supply chains and fair working conditions critically important. The field of trading in natural rubber is no exception. Erteco Rubber & Plastics has the PEFC certification and is therefore qualified to offer sustainably produced natural rubber.

Active commitment is something that is close to our hearts. With a High-level commitment, we promote the development of sustainably produced products in our business areas.

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