Polyphthalamide (PPA) is a semi-crystalline and semi-aromatic thermoplastic that belongs to the polyamide family.

PPA has excellent thermal properties and is thus ideally suited to applications involving high temperatures (up to 150°C). PPA has very good mechanical properties and high rigidity when reinforced with fiberglass. This polymer can in many cases replace metals in applications where aluminum or brass are normally used.

PPA is used in many industries, most commonly in electronics and HVAC applications and the automotive industry. It can be used to manufacture vehicle components for use under the hood, such as fuel lines, thermostat housings, coolant pumps, and valves. PPA is also used to manufacture e.g. components for coffee machines and pumps. There are also flame-retardant variants for use in electric cars and electronics applications.

Primary properties:

● Excellent thermal properties
● High rigidity
● Very good mechanical and electrical properties
● Glass-transition temperature of 126°C
● Melting point of just above 300°C
● Good resistance to chemicals, including oils and aliphatic compounds (however not as resistant to strong acids)
● Relatively low moisture absorption
● High tensile strength
● High creep resistance
● Good abrasion resistance and low friction coefficient