Dowfluo is a range of raw materials that originate in China.

The Dowfluo range of FKM materials consists of copolymers, terpolymers, and polymers with cure site monomers for peroxide crosslinking.

Dowfluo FKM is also available in low-temperature variants for use at temperatures as low as -30°C.

Dowfluo FMVQ (fluorosilicone) rubber has excellent performance at low temperatures.

Vulcanization agents

BPP and Bisphenol AF  – ASM1, ASM2, ASM5

Primary application area: FKM materials.

ASM1 and ASM2 are delivered in masterbatch or pellet form.

ASM5 is delivered as a pure raw material or in pellet form.

EWOL No1 (powder), No2 (masterbatch), No3 (powder)

The recommended application areas are:

  • EWOL No1 is intended for use in fluoro rubbers (FKM) and acrylic rubbers (AEM, ACM). Delivered in powder form.
  • EWOL No2 is intended for use in ACM and AEM. Delivered as a 70% masterbatch.
  • EWOL No3 is primarily intended for use in FKM. Delivered in powder form.


Blends of FKM and vulcanization agents. Copolymers and terpolymers are used as polymer in precompounds. The vulcanization system for precompounds is based on BPAF/BPP.


Dowfluo materials are primarily used for applications which require enhanced chemical and temperature performance, e.g. environments containing hydrocarbon-based products such as oils and fuels. The products in which they can be found include gaskets and fuel systems for the automotive industry.



Material family

Special-purpose rubbers with tailored functionalities
Crosslinking agents

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