PEEK Sinof

PEEK Sinof

Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) is the only thermoplastic that can be used at temperatures approaching 300°C. This semi-crystalline polymer is thus the most high-performing of all commercial thermoplastics.

PEEK is used in demanding applications in many industries, e.g. the medical technology and automotive industries. It is also suitable for use in electronics and mechanical engineering applications. Some common application areas for PEEK are slide rails, seals, bushings, rolling bearings, gearwheels, and insulation materials.

Primary properties:

● Melting temperature of 343°C
● High heat resistance
● Naturally flame retardant
● Excellent hydrolytic resistance
● Low smoke development during combustion
● Good abrasion resistance and a low friction coefficient
● Excellent mechanical properties
● High resistance to radiation
● Glass-transition temperature of 143°C
● Resistant to chemicals (even at high temperatures)

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