LEXAN™ Resin

LEXAN™ Resin

LEXAN polycarbonate resin is an amorphous engineering thermoplastic with a glass-transition temperature of 150°C. Polycarbonate retains its typical properties such as high stiffness and impact resistance up to 135°C. Glass-fiber-filled variants have very good creep resistance even at high temperatures.

● Amorphous structure with the ability to continuously operate at a temperature of 115°C
● High stiffness, hardness, and impact resistance over a wide temperature range
● Transparent
● Easy to color
● Flame-retardant properties

LEXAN resin has a high optical clarity but is also available in translucent, diffused, and opaque colors.

The product family contains a wide range of viscosities, varying levels of flame-retardancy, and stabilizers such as UV and heat. There are also variants approved for contact with foodstuffs and biocompatibility.

The material can be both injection-molded and extruded, and is commonly used in the automotive industry for external applications and interior details. It is also very suitable for medical-technological equipment and optical applications.

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