Grilamid FWA is a group of materials that belongs to the PA12 material family, the primary properties of which are low water absorption, high dimensional stability, and excellent resistance to UV and chemicals. The materials are also characterized by high hydrolytic resistance, very good impact resistance, and high elongation – especially in comparison to other technical materials with similar stiffness.


Grilamid FWA is approved for direct contact with drinking water and foodstuffs. The materials fulfill the requirements of the most important European and North American standards: WRAS, ACS, KTW, NSF, and FDA.


The materials are available as unfilled, or with glass-fiber reinforcement of 30–65%. The reinforced materials are suitable for metal-replacement applications, and were developed to replace costly metals and other high-performance polymers. The favorable properties of Grilamid FWA in relation to processing make these materials perfectly suited for use in both thick- and thin-walled components that other polymers are not suited to.

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