GreenLine is a range of bio-based polyamides made entirely or partially from renewable raw materials.

The GreenLine range contains products from the material families Grivory® HT (polyphthalamide), Grilamid® TR (amorphous transparent PA), Grilamid® 1S (PA1010), and Grilamid® 2S (PA610). The materials in the GreenLine range possess a wide spectrum of special properties – they can be very flexible or very stiff, resistant to heat and hydrolysis, or entirely transparent.

GreenLine products are made from renewable raw materials and have excellent properties that contribute to reduced environmental impact. The products are produced to the same high standard as fossil-based polyamides.

Grivory HT3 is characterized by a high biological content, very low moisture absorption compared to other PPAs, and high dimensional stability, and is resistant to chemicals and hydrolysis. Halogen-free, flame-retardant variants are also available for use in electronic applications.

Grilamid TR is characterized by its high biological content, transparency, and natural color. Its resistance to chemicals is also very good as compared to other amorphous thermoplastics, which is also true for its luster and scratch resistance.

Grilamid 1S and Grilamid 2S are characterized by their high biological content. In terms of properties they are similar to PA12, with low moisture absorption and good resistance to UV and chemicals. The materials are available with a wide range of properties, from flexible to very stiff, reinforced variants.

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