Capilene PP is a series of materials that are adapted to different purposes thanks to their special properties. In comparison to ordinary polypropylene (PP), many of the properties of Capilene have been developed and improved on. These include impact resistance, transparency, low heat emissivity, and better ‘stress whitening’, which means that, in areas that are […]


SABIC VESTOLEN A is a series of materials with bimodal molecular weight distribution. The materials are characterized by good resistance to stress cracking and very high chemical resistance. They are thus suited for application areas such as pipes, cables, and semi-manufactured goods. This product is not intended for and may not be used in pharmaceutical/medical […]


The UV radiation of sunlight or other light sources can have a very damaging effect on the properties of plastic materials. Some materials have very good inherent resistance to UV, but many need the addition of a UV stabilizer in order to be placed in environments in which they will be exposed to UV. The […]


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Under the brand name DuPure, Ducor produces and markets a wide range of polypropylene (PP) homopolymers and block copolymers. These are manufactured using Novolen gas-phase technology, and the range includes both standard and customized materials. DuPure PP materials have an excellent balance between rigidity and impact resistance, and are approved for contact with foodstuffs.