Sinof Hi


Sinof Hi-Tech Material Co. Ltd is a technology company devoted to the development, manufacture, sales, and application of fluoroplastics. Their production facility, which was built at the end of 2008, is located in the Songjiang industrial zone of Shanghai. Sinof Hi-Tech Material Co. Ltd utilizes a unique manufacturing technique and equipment for the manufacture of […]


SABIC is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of polyolefins and thermoplastic engineering materials. The company operates in over 50 countries and has roughly 33,000 employees. SABIC consists of four different Strategic Business Units: Petrochemicals, Specialties, Agri-Nutrients, and Metals. SABIC’s materials are used in many types of product. Examples of application areas are medical-technological products […]

RSH Polymere

rsh polymere

RSH Polymere is a family-owned company based in Hamburg, Germany that, since its founding in the 1950s, has specialized in the recycling of plastic materials. From its inception, RSH saw the enormous potential of recycling pure material that had been scrapped by the plastics-processing industry. RSH currently manufactures and sells over 60,000 tons of recycled […]



Neutrex is based in Texas, the USA. Under the brand name Purgex™, Neutrex develops and manufactures purging compounds for use by the plastics industry when changing materials and colors. The core of Neutrex’s business is a combination of experience, technology, and research, and this has resulted in the development of hugely efficient purging materials. All […]


Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation is a leading manufacturer of chemicals, fibers, and plastic materials. It is a Japanese corporation that offers a wide range of products and technologies. Using its own technology, Mitsubishi has developed an efficient method of industrial-scale manufacturing of acrylic plastics under the ACRYPET™ (PMMA) brand. Mitsubishi developed the world’s first methyl methacrylate […]



Great Eastern Resins Industrial Co. Ltd (GRECO) was founded in 1955 in Taiwan, and was the country’s first manufacturer of adhesives for use in the footwear industry. GRECO is an innovative company that sets high standards regarding quality, technology, and service, and has a quality policy that places emphasis on ensuring the quality of products […]