Rubber Resources

Rubber Resources

Since its founding by Dutch tire producer Vredestein in Maastricht, the Netherlands in the 1960s, Rubber Resources has developed into the most innovative actor in the area of rubber reclamation.

Rubber Resources’ products consist primarily of devulcanized natural rubber, butyl rubber, and ‘whole tire reclaim’ (WTR) rubber.

The company’s business ethos is summarized in the ECORR® brand, which is characterized by a genuine environmental commitment and development process which replicate the properties of the original rubber compound as closely as possible. Rubber Resources’ main focus is products for the automotive industry. Their materials are used in e.g. rubber compounds for car and truck tires and binding agents.

Rubber Resources huvudinriktning är produkter för fordonsindustrin. Deras material används till exempel i gummiblandningar för person- och lastbilsdäck samt för bindemedel.

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