HNBR Zetpol

HNBR Zetpol

Zetpol polymers are available in several variants, which differ in terms of acrylonitrile content, hydrogenation level, and viscosity.

Acrylonitrile content influences the polymers’ mineral-oil resistance and performance at low temperatures.
The hydrogenation level affects thermostability and chemical and ozone resistance. Finally, viscosity affects the processability of the compound and the physical properties of the end product. Zetpol is available in different viscosities.

Zetpol is characterized by properties such as high strength, good thermostability, oil and ozone resistance, and optimal performance across a wide temperature range.

The use of Zetpol in rubber compounds enables the manufacturing of rubber details such as seals, hoses/tubes, and gaskets. Zetpol is also the perfect choice for applications relating to the obtaining of fossil fuels, such as products that are to be used in the extraction of crude oil and natural gas. The material has been developed with advanced applications and demanding environments in mind.
High-performance Zetpol (Zetpol HP) is an innovative hydrogenated nitrile rubber created using a new type of technology.
Zetpol HP has very unique properties when it is exposed to elevated temperatures – for example excellent abrasion resistance, good mechanical properties, and high chemical stability. The material’s thermostability is estimated to be 10–15°C higher than that of standard HNBR elastomers.
Zeoforte ZSC is based on a patent-protected zinc methacrylate variant of Zetpol, which provides improvements in terms of tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and dynamic properties.

This makes Zeoforte ZSC an excellent material for demanding applications, such as roller coatings.

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