NORYL™ Resin

NORYL™ Resin

The NORYL Resins material family comprises different modified PPE blends consisting of PPO™ Resin (polyphenylene ether) and polystyrene (PS).

NORYL Resins combine many of the beneficial properties of PPO, e.g. good thermostability, electrical properties, hydrolytic stability, and low density, in a single material. The materials are easy to make flame retardant using halogen-free flame retardant systems. Based on the performance and low density of the materials, they offer a cost-effective alternative to other high-performance materials.

They are also characterized by properties such as high rigidity and strength and good chemical resistance to e.g. acids, alkaline solutions, and detergents.

NORYL Resins are suitable for a number of different applications, primarily where a good balance between mechanical and chemical properties is required. The materials are normally used in applications such as electronic products and sanitation systems. Many of the materials within this material family have been approved for contact with drinking water.

By mixing NORYL Resins with other additives, such as fiberglass, it is possible to improve the already good properties further.

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