Introducing or new Sustainability Manager

Sustainability Manager

We are happy to introduce our new Sustainability Manager, Henrik Carlberg. Henrik has been an integral part of our team since 2012, and we are excited to see him take on this crucial role in advancing our sustainability efforts.


As a company deeply committed to sustainable practices, we recognize the importance of having a dedicated leader to drive positive change within our organization and beyond. With Henrik’s experience and passion for sustainability, we are confident in his ability to lead us forward in this area.


In his new position, Henrik will make sure our sustainability efforts align with our company’s goals and values. He’ll also work on improving communication both within our company and with the outside world, making sure everyone understands and gets involved in what we’re doing.


Additionally, Henrik will educate our stakeholders about sustainability through seminars, customer visits, and events. By doing this, he’ll help create a culture of sustainability within our company and strengthen our relationships with partners and customers.


We´re excited about the discussions and collaborative opportunities that Henrik will bring to the table. Please join us in welcoming him to his new role!

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