Introducing Color Masterbatch Solutions

Introducing Color Masterbatch Solutions

Erteco are happy to announce a new partnership with Tosaf Color Service Sweden AB, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of color masterbatch and additives for the plastic industry.


Tosaf has recently opened a brand-new manufacturing and service facility in Löddeköpinge, Sweden. This development enables us to distribute their products throughout the Nordic countries and the Baltics. The newly established facility is equipped with an advanced laboratory to meet the highest expectations of customers and Tosaf’s stringent standards.


Masterbatches are an easy and cost-effective way of coloring plastic products or refining other properties of plastic materials. Through various manufacturing techniques like injection molding, you can receive a colored plastic product without the need for multiple post-treatment steps. By utilizing masterbatches, you can select from a wider range of colors and make color-related decisions during the production process.


For any inquiries or further information regarding our collaboration with Tosaf and their products, please do not hesitate to contact your sales representative or

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