Polymer materials for use in medical-technological and healthcare applications need to fulfill a great number of requirements and approval processes. Some of the standards that our materials fulfill are FDA, USP class VI, and ISO 10993/EN 30993. Several of our suppliers have very extensive portfolios of materials which are specifically designed for this sector, and […]


Erteco offers a wide range of materials suited for industrial applications. Our polymers fulfill high requirements on mechanical strength and are well suited to various kinds of structure. We offer materials that fulfill most requirements, for example good thermal and electrical conductivity, good strength and impact resistance, high wear resistance, and low friction. We also […]

Household products & packaging

The materials used in household products and packaging range from single-use packages to products that are expected to last for much longer periods of time. These materials, which are adapted for use in and around the home, can be used to manufacture containers and other storage or kitchen products. They can also be used in […]


Two types of operation take place at sea within the offshore industry: oil and natural gas, and wind power. In the first, oil and natural gas are drilled for far below sea level, using either floating platforms or ones that are anchored to the sea floor. In the second, electricity is produced using turbines which […]

Water & sanitation

Erteco offers a wide range of plastic and rubber materials suitable for applications relating to water and sanitation. We ensure that all our recommended materials fulfill the requirements that relate to materials in contact with water in general and drinking water in particular. Our product portfolio contains materials that are suitable for use in water […]


Plastic materials that are suitable for use in furniture products have various properties and application areas. We help you to choose between different plastic materials with the end product’s comfort, aesthetics, durability, and functionality in mind. We offer materials that can meet your requirements regarding a wide variety of properties and considerations, including flexibility, robustness, […]